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Increasing traffic to the Brother2Brother website using strategic marketing and search engine optimisation.

Brother2Brother are one of the UK’s leading retailers in designer men’s fashion specialising in luxury brands and delivering a catalogue of stylish men’s clothing, accessories and footwear.  Optimising the website and its catalogue is a crucial factor towards Brother2Brother gaining an edge over its competitors in the market. With a dynamic marketing calendar and strategy in place, Mesmerise Media are responsible for the management and delivery of Brother2Brother’s Search Engine Optimisation.

mes portfolio design icon copyEditorial Design.

More than just a blog post.

When it came to setting out our design strategy for the Brother2Brother editorials we knew we needed to do more than a standard blog post. Our brief was to create unique editorials which were more than moderately interesting text and photos stripped from google images.

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Using imagery effectively to tell a story.

The solution was that each editorial will be an individually cohesive collection of illustrations and imagery which correspond to each paragraph and assist in the story telling. To do this each editorial needed to be researched by both the copywriter and the designer in parallel.

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Driving traffic.

Creating and maintaining a fluid internal link structure is a fundamental part of our SEO strategy and is considered throughout the entire copywriting and design process.

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Custom Illustrations.

This example is taken from our ‘The Rise of Androgynous menswear’ editorial. We used colours from the gender neutral flag and worked them into custom illustrations.

mes portfolio marketing icon copySearch Engine Optimisation.

We say NO to duplicate content.

The process of optimising a website that consists of thousands of pages and products is a mammoth task that requires an enormous amount of organisation. Our team of dedicated SEO experts populate every brand, department and product with well written eloquent, unique descriptions that include the keywords and phrases identified for each respective item.   

Brother2Brother also employs our Editorial Publishing service to create high-quality, heavily researched articles such as brand spotlights, industry features and interviews.

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Populating the website with copy that counts.

Good quality content is the driving force behind nurturing a loyal online audience and our copywriters are experts in turning their hand to any industry and work alongside our graphic designers to create engaging articles that are original, unique and look fantastic. Mesmerise Media maintain an Editorial publishing calendar for Brother2Brother consisting of a variety of features and articles relevant and engaging to the target demographic.


Having recently launched the .com domain, Brother2Brothers ever-expanding global operations benefits from Mesmerise Media Localisation service that ensures the website copy is suitable for the American market and the other countries directed to the new domain. Ensuring that spellings and terminology are suitable for the territory is a task that requires meticulous attention to detail to get right. Our localisation team are well versed in the nuances of language when it comes to Americanisms, the localised spelling of words and many more factors that when applied, ensure that no matter what country the user is from, they feel at home on the website.

mes portfolio marketing icon copyAnalytics & Reporting.

Organising data to make informed decisions.

Through insightful analytics, Mesmerise Media make informed data-driven decisions and the results of our work are delivered in a customised monthly SEO Report that provides tangible evidence of our results over a multitude of metrics. Our SEO Report includes technical data such as page speed and broken links a well as key metrics including the average basket spend and traffic from organic, paid and direct sources.

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mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

Brother2Brother operates in a highly competitive market, so delivering a comprehensive SEO strategy that provides the competitive advantage required to stand out in the market is crucial. The creation and publishing of engaging articles drive users to discover brands and departments on the website, and the style of Editorial provides an authoritative voice within fashion.

The numbers speak for themselves


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Mesmerise Media has been instrumental in both the growth and development of our business via the services that they have provided. I would highly recommend them.

Steen Hall

Head Of Online

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