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About Collab

We bring together design, development & marketing into a unified strategy.

To offer industry-leading solutions, we use a collaborative strategy that employs areas of design, branding, SEO, UI & UX. We are a team of highly experienced developers, passionate designers, intelligent digital marketers, and stringent project managers.

Our Collab.Packages provide your business with a multi-faceted service that integrates all areas of digital marketing and design.



Web Design



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Start-up Package

Design, Development

Brochure style website

A simple website that is usually based upon a theme. Full customisation of the theme is provided with our graphic design team working closely alongside the developers to create stunning custom visual elements and assets.

For Startups & Individuals

This package is perfect for small start-ups, micro-businesses and skilled individuals. An affordable monthly fee means you avoid any large upfront cost and we work in partnership with you to align with your business operations.

Around 1-4 Pages

For a small business 1-4 pages is more than enough to get your message out there. A website from our Start-Up Package is designed to give your business the online presence required to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Startup Package?

Simple Online Presence

All businesses require an online presence, but building and maintaining your own website is a daunting prospect if you don’t have the experience and skills. Mesmerise Media will do all the hard work for you, providing you with a robust online presence.

Branding & Assets

Our skilled design team are highly skilled in branding and creating unique digital graphics. Moving forward with strict brand guidelines presents a consistent and uniform persona online that gives a professional feel to your business.

Hosting & Maintenance

We are always in the background maintaining a robust and secure website. Upgrades need to be made, files can be retired or relocated, and staying up to date with this ever-changing landscape requires frequent and ongoing support and maintenance.

Basic SEO

All of our websites are compliant with basic SEO practices meaning you will hit the ground running when it comes to improving your rank in search engines for specific search keywords and terms.

Marketing Package

Design, Marketing

Insight and Strategy

Using a variety of research techniques we gain an understanding of your customers’ motivations, behaviours and preferences. This allows us to identify key business opportunities and challenges and develop the backbone of your marketing strategy.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing goes much further than just on-page and off-page SEO. We endeavour to effectively leverage all the platforms your users and potential customers have with your business by providing valuable, engaging content.

Our team of PPC specialists are here to assist you with advertising on all channels and to make sure that you reach your target audience at the correct moment, with the right message, and on the platform they prefer.

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Marketing Package?

Data & Analytics

Data underpins many of the decisions we make at Mesmerise Media. By making connections and taking actions based on your aggregated marketing data, we can make smarter, more informed decisions based on your business objectives.

Web Performance

We employ the skills of our design and development team to assist in optimising our marketing strategy. From user behaviour research to split A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation, our marketing efforts are maximised to reach their greatest potential.


Our collaborative approach ensures that our content is always in line with your business operations and marketing objectives. We establish your target audience, focus products and business objectives and deliver engaging relevant content that performs.

Advertising Assets

The presentation of your company or product greatly influences purchasing decisions, so presenting your business, its products or services through fantastic graphic design gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Web Design Package

Design, Development

Advanced Functionality

Our Web Design Package includes everything from our Startup Package with the addition of advanced functionality such as a blog, registration forms, reservation systems, and third-party integrations.

For Small Businesses & SME’s

Our Web Design Package is perfect for businesses who want to update their existing website or require a complete redesign with added functionality. Our phased collaborative approach allows our clients to be involved at every step of the design process.

Experts In Design

Our web designs consider user experience and conversion rate optimisation to deliver websites that not only look amazing but are easy to use for both you and your visitors. We ensure that all of our designs undergo rigorous responsiveness and optimisation for different screen sizes so they work perfectly on any device.

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Web Design Package?

Project Management

As a leading web design agency, we understand that web design projects can be complicated, but our skilled team knows will ensure that the process operates smoothly. Your Account Manager is there as your single point of contact for any queries or comments and is responsible for the management of your project from beginning to end.

Website Development

We predominantly use WordPress and have talented in-house developers who cover both front-end and back-end development. Transitions and intuitive features provide a fluid user experience with compatibility, security, and performance all taken into account.

No Big Upfont Fees

We do not burden you with the cost of the entire project upfront as this is often intimidating, and confusing. Instead, we offer a subscription-based plan with payments staggered across a period of 12-18 months, helping to minimise the financial load on your business.

Training Provided

We are experts in the WordPress CMS, and we use the latest ‘WYSIWYG’ page editors which allow you to create stunning posts in a block structure. Full training is provided ensuring you are confident in posting new content on your website, that looks fantastic.

E-Commerce Package

Design, Development, Marketing

Industry Standard

An e-commerce website is an essential retail channel for any company, and in many cases, it is the sole sales channel for a business. That’s why we provide robust e-commerce websites that use industry-standard secure payment gateways, and digital marketplace software.

Bespoke Design

Our e-commerce websites are designed by our professional design team using tools such as Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Our collaborative approach means our clients can contribute to the design process at every stage.

Marketplace Functionality

Our e-commerce websites deliver far more functionality than our Basic Website Package, such as the ability to categorise and filter products, place related items, and of course purchase products securely and fulfill orders with customer communications. 

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E-Commerce Package?

Enterprise Security

All of our e-commerce websites use 128-bit encryption via an SSL certificate, and we also employ the most recent standards for PCI compliance for online credit card payments. We also take every precaution against bots, hackers, and virus/malware attempts.

Scalable Business Model

As a leading web design agency, we understand that web design projects can be complicated, but our skilled team knows will ensure that the process operates smoothly. We ensure that your e-commerce website site aligns perfectly with your business operations by using industry-leading, scalable e-commerce systems like WooCommerce.  This allows us to manage complex product offerings and transactions.

SEO Package

Design, Development, Marketing

Keyword Research

We conduct thorough keyword research backed up by search trends and intent analysis. We compile a list of the best keywords for which to focus and narrow down your keyword basket based on factors including monthly searches, relevance, and competition.

On-Site SEO Audit

In order to identify and understand any issues that need to be addressed to optimise your website for search engines, we carry out an onsite SEO audit. We look at factors including your website loading speed, metadata, broken links, alt tags, and more.

Onsite Optimisation

Once we have established your keywords we need to determine the appropriate landing pages and optimize those pages for those chosen keywords. We also use this stage to perform onsite optimisation tasks and fix any issues that we found through the SEO audit.

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SEO Package?

Ongoing Optimisation

We will continually monitor and optimise your keywords providing an overview of what is moving up and what areas need to be focussed on. Our efforts will be entirely data-driven and based on keyword performance.

Optimising content

Nurturing an organic online audience requires high-quality content that connects with your target audience. We ensure that the content delivered on the website is optimised to include target keywords and phrases, as well as implementing a comprehensive internal link structure. We do everything we can to ensure you gain the most benefit from the content.

Ongoing investment into building and expanding your external link portfolio is crucial to search engines viewing your website with authority. We work closely with our publishing partners to place engaging articles where they need to be with effective anchor text.

Analytics & Reporting

Our data-driven approach employs Google Analytics to record and process the tracked metrics so that we can provide our clients with tangible results in the form of monthly customised SEO reports.