East Anglia Smart Repairs

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East Anglia Smart Repair

Mesmerise Media has supported East Anglia SMART Repairs as a digital partner since 2019.

East Anglia SMART Repair are one of the areas leading providers of vehicle paint repair and paintless dent removal services as well as alloy wheel restoration specialists. In a highly saturated market, EASR needed to stand out from the crowd and utilise our SEO services to optimise its placement in search results for certain keywords and terms.

Moving forward with a strong brand identity was also crucial for EASR to achieve an advantage over its competitors.

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Precision engineering is reflected in the design.

The elements we created for the new website reflect the precision engineering work carried out by East Anglia Smart Repairs. To do this we used thin line work and sharp angles.

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Reflected in shape & form.

We used a lot of diamond shapes within the navigation and background elements to reflect diamond cutting; which is one of East Anglia Smart Repairs’ core services.

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We implemented icons to help the users navigate the site and which illustrate the services provided.

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Capturing movement.

We opted for a dark theme with a mint green accent that gives the overall aesthetic of the website a sleek appeal. We also created custom animated elements to elevate the user experience further and make the information provided even more engaging.

From the start, the element of movement was a key factor in the design. We wanted to reach out to the slick, luxurious appeal of vehicles to exude a level of quality that is transcendent of the services provided by the business.

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Creating engaging & relevant content.

East Anglia SMART Repairs benefits from Mesmerise Media’s blog creation service. Our copywriters manufacture engaging, relevant articles that speak to the target demographics of EASR with high-quality, search engine optimised articles that garner significant organic traffic. Accompanied by the monthly expansion of its backlink portfolio and the management of Google Ads the business has seen a sharp increase in contact form enquiries resulting in a significant ROI.

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EASR employs our full digital partnership that incorporates our Basic Website Sevice with our ongoing SEO and Marketing Packages. The business benefits from multi-faceted service that encompasses organic and paid marketing strategy, delivery and management.


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” Having worked with Mesmerise Media on various projects over the last 18 months, I have been delighted with not just the quality of the work but also the prompt and helpful support i receive. They have really helped us to bring the East Anglia SMART Repair brand to life. “

Steve, Owner – East Anglia SMART Repair

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