Galactic IT.

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Launching Galactic IT with stylish brand guidelines and a robust bespoke website theme built upon the WordPress CMS.

Galactic IT delivers efficient, resilient and reliable IT solutions to businesses and they operate at the forefront of technological systems and communication. Mesmerise Media were commissioned to create a logo and brand identity for the business as well as design a brand new website. The new website would allow users to find out more about the services Galactic IT provides and get in touch through a dedicated contact form.

mes portfolio design icon copyBranding.

A brand is more than a logo. We used shape and colour to ensure the visual identity of the business reflects their core values. Below are pages from the Galactic IT brand guidelines.

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mes portfolio design icon copyWebsite Design.

Using illustrations to explain complex services.

The style of imagery used within the website design was influenced by the need to illustrate complex services. The use of the galactic metaphor enabled us to explain these services whilst being engaging.

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Shape recognition.

Throughout the illustrations we have referenced elements from the logo design. This cohesion helps the brand become more recognisable.

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Metaphorical imagery.

This image is used to illustrate how Galactic IT scan data to produce analytics for their customers.

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Injecting personality.

As well as the illustrations aiding the user in understanding the services it was also where we injected personality; reflecting the friendly interactions between Galactic IT and their clients.

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We also created a custom set of icons to help differentiate services provided by Galactic IT.

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mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

Using the elements from the logo, we built the foundation for a unique visual identity for Galactic IT which transcended to the website to create a powerful online presence for the business. The bespoke design and deployment of the Galactic IT website help communicate their services and drive enquiries. The home page landing area is enhanced by the implementation of bespoke digital illustrations, strong text and calls-to-action.

Mesmerise Media provided a highly professional and responsive service. As someone who pays attention to detail, I was extremely thankful for the team’s patience and willingness to understand the idea I had in mind. When changes are required, Mesmerise Media are quick to respond, reliable and diligent. I would highly recommend their services.

Galactic IT

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