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La Lune Domes

Launching the La Lune Domes business with a stylish logo and brand guidelines as well as an informative landing page with contact form.

La Lune Domes was launched during the pandemic offering their unique igloo style domes and preparing them in various styles and for various occasions. They enchant their customers with an immersive experience of beautifully furnished domes that give a panoramic view of the great outdoors.

The business needed stylish branding with a luxurious appeal and a stunning website that would facilitate the ability for customers to get in touch.  

To raise brand awareness the business relies on social media marketing and so brand guidelines were required to present a professional look and consistent aesthetic across all online touchpoints. 

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Story Telling through branding.

We needed to create branding which positioned the company within the outdoor pop-up rental space market. La Lune Domes USP is that the finish of the interior is more luxurious than other local competition and this needed to be reflected in the logo design and brand guidelines.

The solution was to create branding which had subtle links with the Art Deco period. This style worked perfectly because of its heavy use of geometric shapes and it’s affiliation with opulence. The logo we created tells the story of what the business is all about.

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Colour that speaks volumes.

The colour system we used was influenced by the space in which the domes will be used. Dark blue to represent the nights sky, dusty pink to reflect the setting sun and eucalyptus green to represent the foliage within the domes decoration and gardens where the domes are positioned.

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When organic meets structured.

When it came to creating the additional brand elements we wanted to use a mixture of organic and structural illustrations to reflect the domes themselves and the natural setting in which they will be positioned.

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Our designers created strict guidelines for the La Lune Domes with supporting graphics and brand elements. Below are a couple of examples of pages from the La Lune Domes brand guidelines.

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Now they just needed an awesome website to help bring it all to life.

mes portfolio development icon copyWebsite design.

Creating an online presence.

Mesmerise Media were tasked with creating a beautiful online presence for the launch of La Lune Domes. With only a limited offering of services available, we felt a stunning one-page website would be adequate to promote the business and convey the essence and quality of the brand.

The site needed to be simple, clear and informative. Giving context to the brand name and helping to build brand awareness for the growth of the business.

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Hitting the ground running.

The clean contemporary single-page website that we created for La Lune Domes makes learning more about the services the business offers very accessible to customers. We created a strong brand direction for the business and the website design follows this aesthetic.  With consistent branding and a beautiful website, the company was ready to launch to the world.  

mes portfolio marketing icon copySocial Media Marketing.

Social Media is a major point of contact between La Lune Domes and its customers and it acts as a window into the quality of the service the company offers.

We provided all the brand elements and guidelines for La Lune Domes to maintain a professional and consistent brand identity over all social platforms, further adding to the feeling of opulence and luxury that the business wanted to exude.   

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Leveraging the platforms.

Mesmerise Media sourced partnerships and connections with local businesses that could work alongside La Lune Domes and help promote each other. Through its social media platforms, La Lune Domes now promotes various local leisure activities and is constantly elevating its service with new ideas and partners.

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Creating a consistent brand message.

La Lunes Domes marketing materials are consistent with its core values and customer experience. The elements behind the design help identify the brand across all marketing platforms and touchpoints. This results in a unified experience for both existing and new clients, as well as delivering a cohesive consistent brand identity.

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mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

Successfully leveraging the power of social media, La Lune Domes has garnered a significant organic following since its launch. The website provides a robust platform for customers to get in touch and find out all the information they need and the business has made over 80 successful bookings within its first 6 months. 


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We had the pleasure of working with the team at Mesmerise Media in the development of our new brand and website. They made the whole process very easy for us and nothing was too much trouble. They delivered the project on time and within budget but most importantly they delivered a beautiful design and created a brand that is perfect for the type of customers we want to attract.”

Abi Kirkcaldy

La Lune Domes

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