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Helping Pigging Out launch a robust e-commerce website as well as raise brand awareness and drive sales during the embryonic stage of the business.

Pigging Out is an online retailer specialising in international snacks and drinks here in the UK.

A secure and robust e-commerce website was required to facilitate their business operations as well as a campaign to launch the brand. To effectively build a reputation for the business we strategically support and manage the company’s social media marketing.

Pigging Out retail exciting sweet and savoury snacks and beverages from around the world delivered to your door, and their branding and marketing promotions need to reflect that.

mes portfolio design icon copyBranding.

The logo we created encapsulates the ideas behind the brand. The retro typeface references the retro snacks & drinks; which instils the idea of reconnecting with your childhood and the discovery of new and exciting tastes.

The clients brief was to reference a pig within the logo that felt fun and had connotations with a cartoon pig more than an actual pig. We trials different logo ideas and the logo below is the one the client chose.

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We balanced the logo using a grid system and broke some elements out of line to give a dynamic feel to the branding.

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We also created brand elements which were implemented as aesthetic additions to promotional adverts as well as iconography which helped users navigate the e-commerce site.

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mes portfolio development icon copyE-commerce site.

Making the website stand out.

Pigging Out resides in a relatively saturated market, so to provide a successful platform that could give them a competitive advantage within the market, Mesmerise Media needed to develop strong brand guidelines that could transcend through to the website and their marketing efforts. 

The website needed to feature advanced marketplace functionality to allow them to promote products based on categories and for customers to be able to filter products in order to easily navigate to their desired items.

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Bespoke design.

We designed a custom theme that uses the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce to facilitate the marketplace functionality. Everything from the Shop to the Cart is a bespoke design created exclusively for Pigging Out and the result elevates the business to a leader in the marketplace.

When it comes to marketing the brand, seeing people’s enjoyment of opening their Pigging Out delivery sends a universal message. Regardless of what is being said, you know that customers were experiencing utter joy likened to that of a child opening a Christmas present.  So Mesmerise Media worked with select Instagram influencers in regions all around the UK and created an authentic buzz about the brand, which naturally translated to driving users to the website.

The website features clear categorisation of the products as well as filtered views. The site is performant and easy to navigate giving customers the option to purchase products based on subscription as well as one-off purchases.

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The full user journey.

Pigging Out customers would expect something new, easily navigable, and reliable, while also communicating a child like excitement around the retro and international snack and drinks the website displays. Several editable backdrops and banners complement the homepage, and clear call-to-actions are strategically placed throughout the user journey.

mes portfolio marketing icon copyEngaging Customers.

Social media is the platform for the majority of Pigging Outs marketing efforts, and we ensure that the brand guidelines operate across all online touchpoints. By developing a versatile branding solution with a range of elements, Pigging Out can create awesome posts that look fantastic and engage with the target audience and sustain a strong brand identity.

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mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

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We are incredibly happy with the end result and proud of what has been achieved during this project. The branding and website is a huge step forward for Pigging Out and is a strong representation of our brand. The Mesmerise Media team were very supportive and responsive throughout the entire project .

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