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Recycling Peasant

Helping a unique startup business launch its brand with creative design, development and strategic marketing in order to build brand awareness and nurture an online audience.

Recycling Peasant specialises in repurposed artisanal gifts and bespoke creations. Each piece is made with reclaimed plastics, textiles, glass and wood using only eco-friendly ink and recycled paper. Mesmerise Media were commissioned to create a strong brand identity and logo for the business as well as develop a robust e-commerce website that could provide the platform required to sell the products online.

mes portfolio design icon copyBranding.

A personal touch.

When creating the branding for Recycling Peasant it was important to illustrate the personal touch which Jackie applies to all her creations. The solution we came up with was to create a logo that felt like a signature.

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As personal as a signature.

When creating the logomark we needed it to also feel like Jackie herself had signed off on the creation. We created a simple monogram which linked the ‘R’ and ‘P’ together and finished with a small hand-drawn heart to show the love and care which goes into all her products.

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Making a mark.

One of the key elements of the brief from the client was to create a way in which she could apply her branding in a sustainable way. Our client used home-made recycled paper for all her marketing collateral. Our solution was to create variations of the branding in stamp form.

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Our challenge for the brand identity was to represent a personal appeal reflecting the bespoke nature of the business. Our inspiration came from the context of the business as an individual is creating the pieces. We decided to opt for a signature-based logo and sensitively adjusted the initials to create a strong logo mark.

mes portfolio development icon copyE-commerce site.

Designing the website.

There is great emphasis on the blog section of the website on the homepage, and this decision was made based on the value of the stories behind the products. Understanding what the item is made from and where the materials are sourced from is crucial to appreciating the value of each piece. Each item is created using reclaimed resources so it was really important to present this information as clearly as possible.

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Creating a flexible shop.

The bespoke website design is built upon the WordPress CMS using WooCommerce as the marketplace foundation. All stages of the user journey have been customised providing a truly original shopping experience using robust industry-standard software.

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A space to express.

The Recycling Peasant website features a stunning blog allowing the story of each item to be told. This not only engages users and provides a way to link to products but also helps to improve brand awareness and website authority.

mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

The new brand identity was rolled out across the Recycling Peasant website, stationery, business cards, stamps and social media pages. Sales have increased and our client has expanded into commissions that are facilitated by the website and promoted using stylish marketing assets.

I was looking for a web designer to create a logo and website with a blog for my bespoke artisan products. Mesmerise Media created an amazing design and the training they provided allows me to easily manage my own blog posts and promote my work. I highly recommend Mesmerise Media as a creative and reliable design agency.

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