Ye Olde Saddlery

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Ye Olde Saddlery

Elevating Ye Olde Saddlery B&B to the next level with a brand new website and integrated booking system.

Ye Olde Saddlery’s website was dated and needed a refresh and to be integrated with the B&B’s existing booking platform. The launch of the new website had to seamlessly align with the business operations and offer a robust booking system of it’s own that synched with the calendars of third party systems.

mes portfolio design icon copyBranding.

Logo Evolution.

Our brief was to refresh the existing Ye Olde Saddlery logo. The logo appeared on the front of the property and the clients wanted this to stay in situ.

Our approach was to use a similar Typeface which was also a webfont (one that can be used online and can be integrated with a content management system). The existing logo used a gothic typeface but had no brand guidelines to show how it would adapt when applied to print and digital formats.

We created guidelines which showed how our logo refresh would appear in various formats and how colour would be used to inject personality into the brand. Dark blue to suggest calm and gold to hint at the luxurious elements which can be found when staying at the Ye Olde Saddlery Bed & Breakfast.

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Adaptive design.

To create an adaptive logo we also needed to create a logomark. A logomark is crucial as it allows the brand to be applied in instances where the full logo would be illegible. The logomark we created used the idea of the Saddlery (the builds previous use) and we enclosed the ‘S’ from saddlery in a horse shoe.

mes portfolio development icon copyWebsite Development.

Delivering a robust booking system.

The booking system integrated into the new website provides the end-user with a simple to use calendar of availability that synchs with all major booking platforms. A brand new user interface was introduced to the B&B’s operations but the simplicity of the software enabled the clients to hit the ground running. All customer communications is managed and automated by the software and the website supports all major payment methods using secure payment gateways.

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Every page was meticulously optimised by our skilled developers to ensure the website looks fantastic and operates as intended on any device. Core functionality was aggressively tested to ensure a fluid user experience from discovering rooms to booking a stay. The website delivers a familiar easy-to-use interface that provides Ye Olde Saddlery B&B with the online platform required to compete in a saturated market.

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Ye Olde Saddlery B&B subscribed to our Website Design Collaborative Package for this project and benefitted from the creation of original illustrations and branding elements to develop a bespoke theme. Providing the advanced functionality required to deliver the best solution for the B&B was a major focus of this project, and integrating the website with various third-party platforms was also essential.

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mes portfolio conclusion icon copyConclusion.

The planning and research that went into Ye Olde Saddlery website design was crucial in providing the client with the best solution. The bespoke design created offers a stylish contemporary aesthetic delivering all the information and functionality required to align perfectly with the B&B’s business operations.

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